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About Brown Monkey Studio


Recording space in Bangalore, India

Capable of recording up to 20 channels of audio at 96kHz if required.
Up to 5 individual stereo mixes can be provided for personalised monitoring.
Located in a peaceful part of central Bangalore.
There are 4 metro stations in a 2 km radius from the studio.

Sound for audio-visual work

For film makers:
On-site audio recording for video shoots.
Editing, designing, mixing and mastering audio.

For game designers:
Creating sample libraries for use in-game.
Integration of audio into games.

For podcasters:
Comfortable recording space to capture conversations.
Editing, designing, mixing and mastering audio.

For companies:
Create custom sonic branding.
This enhances videos, presentations, user interfaces, interviews and more.
Earcons are like icons but using sound. Together, we will create yours.

Sound systems for live events in and around Bangalore

From small to large venues, sound systems for any event can be organised.
Capable of providing equipment for powerful and well balanced sound.
A qualified sound engineer will assist you in installation, sound check, live audio management for multiple performances and custom gear acquisition.
For musicians and bands, audio systems can be customised and installed according to their specific' requirements.

Live performances can be recorded, mixed and mastered for broadcast.

Music for events

Curation of music and performing it live.
Capable of installing Pioneer CDJs and mixers at your events.
Subwoofers and tops can be organised based on your venue.


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