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'Hu' is a duo that brings instrumentation and electronic production together. Since 2014, Hu's sound has continuously evolved. This evolution will continue and will be life-long. Stay tuned as we unfold our sonic journey for the world to hear.

Over the span of eleven years of creating music together, Hu worked on multiple acoustic projects - writing original music and performing it live. At the same time, alongside their acoustic journey, both of them felt a strong attraction towards electronic music - on the dance floor, at home and everywhere else. 


In order to find a bridge between their acoustic and electronic musical worlds, Hu began to capture their musical ideas using digital and acoustic instruments and tools. 


The result is a set of instrumental tracks that explore the frequency spectrum — spanning from the sub bass to the highest highs. Carefully sculpted synthesizers, drum sequences, chord structures, ethereal pads, bouncing bass-lines, groovy beats, singing melodies and soulful harmonies come together to create this piece of art that is a direct representation of Hu’s creative expression.


Released January, 2022

Released, July 2023

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