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32-Step Sequencer

Built with Pure Data

This is a simple Pure Data patch that makes decisions based on an over-arching logic defined in the coding process.


There are 6 main instruments, namely - Kick drum, Snare drum, Closed Hi Hat, Bass note, Key note and Lead note. These sounds are synthesised within Pure Data using a combination of oscillators and envelopes. 

These instruments are individually sequenced by a 32-step sequencer in which notes can be drawn in manually. Alternatively, in this patch's automatic mode, it will choose new rhythmic patterns ever second cycle. It will also decide if an instrument is muted or not. With these two aspects of the composition changing every two bars, the program creates a sense of constant variance. 

In the future, information can be sent out of this patch in Pure Data from individual sequencers and utilised in external applications like MIDI instruments in DAWs, clocked hardware instruments and OSC enabled devices. 

Logic design, coding was implemented in fulfilment of a module called "Algorithmic Composition" in the course "Non Real Time Systems" facilitated by Tom Mudd (faculty of Sound Design) at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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